Social Media Marketing


Most companies are now aware of the importance of being active and visible in social media. But many times missing frames of reference and enough knowledge to be able to create relevant content. Instead, the information is often pushed out on social networks – without the sender even know who they want to be seen to, let alone why. Misguided attempt at advertising campaigns end in piles of digital debris that consumers don’t want to know by the time for mass mailings and advertising to the masses is finally about to end. Now we need to instead come with a targeted and appropriate message. To a niche audience.

How social media can be used for marketing and SEO?

A common mistake is to view social media as “another media channel” that the wiring out their information through. But anyone who thinks that it should work well to use such as Facebook to publish company information makes a huge mistake. The whole idea of communication in social media is that it is precisely bidirectional. And two-way communication is all about dialogue, we know. With it also requires a lot of extra out of you. You need to be prepared to meet and discuss all kinds of issues – even the uncomfortable. But one thing is certain: those who view openness is rewarded with a big response back.

Advertising using social media

Most of the studies undertaken in the industry reveal that the majority of social network users do not click on ads. Many companies believe they have succeeded in their campaigns with “ad clicks” as a reference, has in reality usually not at all able to create as many opportunities as we first thought. However, they succeeded with their campaigns shows the greater success. It is not uncommon that a strategically designed campaign can increase its turnover by several hundred percent!

With a complete strategy for Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads and LinkedIn Ads, you reach the right audiences – with the right message.

Social media advertising advantages

What is unique about marketing on Facebook, compared with other channels, is how far you can go to find a niche and relevant audience. As users fill their profiles with information on residence, interests, etc, Facebook, larger surfaces that create more precise audience selection – Targeted Audiences. Here you have to spend time and energy. Sights you may not so much of the advertising budget can quickly be lost because of the misdirected marketing. And another thing that I want you to put on the stick. When someone talks about “outreach”, or to “reach as many people as possible”, you should pull your ears for you. It is not about reach. Not at all actually. It is about to reach the right audience. Whether your ultimate goal is to sell a product, get more “likes”, generate quality leads, or build your brand. You do not want to reach everyone. You want to reach the right people.

Use Facebook Ads Manager and Custom Audiences.

With Facebook Ads Manager you’ll reach a step further with “Custom Audiences”. A powerful method is to, for example, make use of existing email addresses. From your customers, or newsletter subscribers. You know that they have an interest in you, so why not take commercial advantage of it again? With Facebook Ads Manager and Custom Audiences upload a file with email addresses. With the help of about 2,000 parameters, Facebook does a lot of filtering for potential people – based on the uploaded email addresses profile match. People who have in common with the ones you uploaded. 2000 parameters will be pretty far in the precision. With these methods are accessed most often completely the right audience. An audience that you can process in a smart and effective way – through the concept of “Lead With Value”.

Lead With Value!

To sell a product in a stylish ad via social media is almost never a good idea. Instead, it is about giving away something of value. Free. Lead With Value is about to give. Without any strings attached. The goal is to get the person’s attention. Later, after a series of so-called “micro conversions” is the potential customer “ready” for a proper shutdown, such as a purchase. Then it’s a completely different thing. Do you know what happens then?