What Is SEO

What do you mean by search engine optimization?

So you have heard of it but what is SEO really? SEO comes from Search Engine Optimization and sometimes translated to search engine optimization. It is about working with search engines ‘ organic results, unlike ads or sponsored links

Search engines ‘ quality requirements are constantly increasing, and this places increasing demands on your SEO all the time. In the past, we worked with Meta-keywords (something that today plays no role whatsoever) while nowadays need to take into account almost all aspects that a visitor can experience on this page. This includes everything from headings and synonyms for inbound links and their relevance.

What is SEO and how it works?

SEO is usually divided into three elements, and these are Analysis, On Page and link strategy. Analysis section is about developing the most profitable search terms if any and count on everything from the possible return of investment and competition as to how relevant the visitors from the keyword is. On Page deals with all the parts to change on her own website. There are things that the site hierarchy, navigation, the page headers and the quality of the text. Link strategy is the work that is being done to get links to their page, links are the crucial nature of how good search engine optimization success. Below is some search engine optimization techniques.

Keyword analysis

Search volume

Keyword analysis is the way to use a source that can show the number of searches performed on a particular term or a specific keyword. The best tool for this today is Google’s own keyword tool. To come up with good keywords, there are a number of factors that need to be added. Search volume is the first and we get from Google.


The next step is to assess how well the keyword is for you. Here it becomes a bit more complex than just look up numbers that one can do for search volume. You must evaluate your keywords based on what it is you provide. Generally speaking, one could say that the closer the product or service keyword is the better conversion you can count on. If you sell Audi Cars will certainly be a major keyword but maybe worse than the search phrase Buy Audi. It is quite simple to understand really, the person has searched for just that you provide while the person who searched for Cars may be interested in all sorts of driving, maybe he wants to find the Ahlgrens cars, maybe information about how many cars there are in Sweden or almost anything.


After you picked up keywords that have great relevance (where you can expect high conversion rates) that have enough search volume to be interesting, you need to assess the competition. If competition is too high, it will not be worth investing in just those words. This can also be a bit complex but in a very simple way would be to look at the sites in the current found set and see how high PageRank they have, how strong they are and how many inbound links they have.

On Page SEO

On Page SEO is the part which seems most confusing but after a little while, it won’t go on automatically. There is a long list of points to look at and there is always more to learn. “If you look at On the Page as to eliminate mistakes and you have a pretty good picture. It is about ensuring that Google (and other search engines) is able to properly index the site and understand what each page is about. There are more advanced On the Page methods but we will not go into any of these here, it is better to start with the basics.

Factors you need to look at

There are a huge number of factors that come into play and to begin with for what is SEO, I would like to sound a note of caution, do not try to cheat. It’s easy as a beginner to think that you’re going to trick Google but if you think it is easy that leads the wrong and Google is very good at recognizing cheating. With that said, we can take a closer look at what is important. If you would like some support in your On Page you will find a useful tool here. You shall ensure that at each side to have with your keyword in the following elements:

  1. Title
  2. H1
  3. H2-H6
  4. Body text
  5. Text Decoration
  6. Italic
  7. In the image Alt text
  8. In internal links to this page
  9. In meta description (because it is often seen in search results)
  10. In meta keywords (not for Google’s sake they ignore them)

Generally, on the site, there are a lot of things to consider as well. If the above points are specified on page, thus on page for a specific page, so is the following General on page, for the entire site.

  1. Simple navigation, easy to find all the pages on the site
  2. Unique titles, headlines, and texts on all pages
  3. Avoid anything too much JavaScript and flash (especially for navigation)
  4. Have a clear structure (hierarchy) on site pages and directories
  5. Each page should have a unique and simple URL
  6. Avoid the same content on multiple pages
  7. Don’t have too many links on a page (100 max)
  8. Do not have a deep hierarchy, have few clicks to the actual content
  9. Have sufficient text on pages
  10. Have enough pages
  11. Make sure to not attempt to optimize a page for many keywords, use several different

Since there are a few points we have to take up because it is common to make in the beginning. This is stuff that could lead to penalties or different types of filters.

  1. Do not copy other people’s lyrics
  2. Do not hide content that you display for search engines for visitors
  3. Avoid Using Meta Refresh

Link strategy

Links are the alpha and omega of search engine optimization. It is the single most important factor for how Google place pages. You want to get as good and many links as possible to point to your page. To begin with, we will look at how Google evaluates links, the following gives more value:

  • From a page which itself has very good inbound links
  • From a site with related content
  • From a page in the same language
  • From a page that is not in the same cluster of pages
  • A link with the right anchor text (Google uses link text dimensions of landing page content).
  • A link in the text. The link’s location is important and a link in the text is best as a link in the footer of the worst.
  • A link with nearby links that point to pages Google has high confidence.
  • A link where the text is closest to it is relevant to your content

It is important getting links from such strong and relevant pages as possible in as natural a way as possible. To understand the strength we’ll take a look at PageRank as mentioned earlier, there is no longer a measure that is as important as it once was, but it gives a good understanding of how Google values pages.


PageRank has got its name from one of the Google co-founder Larry Page. There is an algorithm that measures how important a page is on the internet. It is the way that Google’s spiders’ index all the links. Then give them all the pages a weight based on how many links they have pointed to them and on the basis of how much weight the pages as links. A page with a lot of links to it so very much “power” in the links it has.

General information about building links

Building links to their site are among the most complicated in SEO. It requires a lot of time and a lot of work. There are some basic principles that are worth thinking about. The first is to have varied links. All links should not have the same link text, even if the link text is important to determine the position. All links must not come at once, or from only one type of sites, spread out in a natural way and beware of Quick-fixes.


If it gets too hard

If you can’t be bothered with making your SEO yourself, there are search engine consultants to turn to. Make sure to be careful with your choice of search engine consultancy and go not only on what is cheapest, as there are major differences in what is being delivered.

There is a long list of points to look at and there is always more to learn. “If you look at On the Page as to eliminate mistakes and you have a pretty good picture. It is about ensuring that Google (and other search engines) is able to properly index the site and understand what each page is about. There are more advanced On the Page methods but we will not go into any of these here, it is better to start with the basics.

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